Miss Teen Purchase District Fair

Rules and Conditions

  1. Contestant must be 13 years of age, but not have reached her 16th birthday by October 31st, of the contest year to be eligible for the State Fair Pageant.

  2. Contestant must be a resident of the State of Kentucky.

  3. The winner may compete in another pageant during the contest year as long as it does not interfere with her duties as Miss Teen Purchase District Fair. The winner must represent the Purchase District Fair at the State pageant.

  4. Winner will compete in the State Pageant in January 2020, in Louisville, Ky.

  5. Winners in other pageants in previous years and non-title winners in past years are eligible.

  6. Contestants must be single, have never been married, or have any children.

  7. Winner will compete in the State Pageant in January 2020, in Louisville, Ky.

  8. Contestants must attend all practices, the judge’s interview, and all required appearances unless excused by the Pageant Director or Fair Chairman. Contestants will be scheduled to either hand out prizes at Harness Racing or at the Home & Textile Show. The winner will then continue to present prizes throughout the fair.

  9. Contestants must participate in Formal Wear and a dress/ sundress (suitable for church) is required for interviews.

  10. Contestants may be sponsored by a civic organization or business, but this is not required. No reference is to be made of sponsorship.

  11. A copy of your birth certificate must be presented before the pageant date –no exceptions.

  12. Winner will be required to attend; Our Fairs armband night, The Mayfield Christmas Parade in December.

  13. Entries must be submitted by May 23rd , 2020. Please follow-up with the Pageant Director before the pageant date.

  14. NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING AREA. This will result in immediate disqualification of the contestant.

  15. Contestants will practice good sportsmanship, poise and good manners at all times.

  16. Winners will need to stay for stage photos and prize money immediately following the crowning ceremony. The Miss Teen will need to stay for an interview and an interview with the Director and the news media.